My Partner Bob Lowell, The E-File Genius

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My partner, Bob Lowell, is the only e-File genius that I know.



I never thought anyone could be an e-File genius, but my partner Bob Lowell is an e-file genius.

Professional tax programs make us all e-filing experts. We may not discover how to quickly e-File or read manuals. However, all professional tax programs have support personnel that can quickly tell us how to e-File. On the other hand, I recently had a ONE W2 2016 and 2017 tax returns for a family friend. What could be simpler?

I had them done in minutes, but Internal Revenue rejected the 2017 e-filed return. I prefer to e-file, so we do not have to attach W2 forms and get proof of delivery. Therefore, I carefully checked to find my mistake, on the simplest return I had in years. I then e-filed a second time, but Internal Revenue again rejected the return. I finally called top-notch UltraTax tech support, in a very embarrassed frame of mind. They also could find nothing wrong with the return.

Second Opinion. I was on the verge of giving up when I spoke to my partner.

I was sure he would not find anything, but he soon told me that Internal Revenue accepted his copy of the return. Does anyone know what he might have done to have me call him an e-File genius?

Did anyone ever read about a simple e-File trick, which I have since proven works repeatedly?

The key was that my partner knew that we only filed the 2016 tax return a few weeks earlier. He also knew that it takes time for Internal Revenue to enter tax returns in their system, even if you e-file them. In the case of e-filed tax returns, this was a shock to me. Therefore, this e-File genius DELETED THE PRIOR YEAR ADJUSTED GROSS INCOME. Interestingly, he left in the PIN, which makes no sense at all to me. That is what it took to get Internal Revenue to accept two rejected returns. My partner has done this for years.

Now we all can be an e-File genius.

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