Dallas Cowboys Were Still First in the NFC east

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Dallas Cowboys Were Still First

I wrote this when the Dallas Cowboys were still first in the NFC east. Each Cowboy in the Dallas Cowboy organization, plus others from countless companies, were also first with Divvy credit or debit cards.

Divvy is a very simple expense and budgeting app. Swipe a Divvy card. It instantly uses its Artificial Intelligence and your phone to suggest the BEST QuickBooks user account, vendor, team, project, event, subcontractor and more. No more out-of-pocket reimbursements, report deadlines, surprise charges or expense reports.  This is the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to get entries in QuickBooks. So remember,  thanks to Divvy, the Dallas Cowboys were still first when they lost.

Save big money on Expensify ($5 – $19 PER USER per month)  or Concur ($994 per year, with per user, report and other options). Divvy optional budgets add cost control by any user or category. Budgets can be one-time or renew by week, semi-month, month, or as managed. We also can use Divvy as one way to make big Worker’ Comp cuts for many companies. This is by far the fastest and easiest way to make accounting incredibly more accurate and current.

Dallas Cowboys Were Still First

Divvy also has FREE e-bill pay, with any bill submitted or any renewal. It contacts vendors for desired payment method. Free scans of anything to a very secure cloud. It also has free transgers like Venmo and Stripe Cash transfers (put anyone on a line item recurring or as managed budget). Free extra security and BIG REWARDS. Fast low cost loans with minimal paperwork, so remember, the Dallas Cowboys were still first and you can be too.

Also remember that the Dallas Cowboys were still first, like others from countless other companies because of Divvy. Click Divvy for the fastest and easiest way to get $100 or click here to make lots of extra money by referring others. My Amazing QuickBooks Endorsements can help make this even easier for you or those you refer, for little or nothing, so click to email mblock@blocktax.com.

Dallas Cowboys still first with Divvy

Dallas Cowboys were still first in the NFC east & with Divvy, usa today pic

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