If you owe the IRS or any State

If you owe the IRS or any State

If you owe the IRS or any State and you cannot pay (OR DO NOT WANT TO PAY), contact MIKE BLOCK, CPA

for a Tax Fighter that HATES TAXES.

If you owe the IRS or any State

If you owe the IRS or any State you are sure to save with a former IRS Enrolled Agent and a long-time CPA, WHO HATES TAXES AND LOVES FIGHTING THEM. I have unique Tax Fighting Credentials:
  • Many IRS and State tax exams, installment agreements, penalty waivers, compromises
  • Appealed almost all tax and insurance exams
  • Exams average less than $100 in extra tax
  • Low overhead and low CPA tax fighting rates
  • Work on a percentage of tax saved when possible
  • If you owe the IRS or any State, I had many years fighting taxes, finding loopholes for big and small CPA firms
  • 16 years successful tax cut petition writing, led related drives with tax fighting passion
  • Successfully spoke to more than 5,000 in person, many more via radio, TV
  • Successfully argued taxes before the Florida Supreme Court (changed State Constitution)
  • Changed state petition practices and laws, many states copied
  • Fought taxes as elected county Port Commissioner (donated back salary, no lobbyist lunches or cruises)
  • Publicized stealing by elected officials (FBI later helped jail some)
  • Wrote many QuickBooks articles, featured in many news stories
  • Wrote lead 100 pages of University of Florida published book
  • Much more tax fighting experience than almost anyone

Why do I Fight Taxes?

  • Each tax dollar you pay hurts me much more than it hurts you (REALLY)
  • Government wastes most of its money
  • Government program auditor, worst rule violators and thieves kept jobs
  • Campaign Treasurer learned to avoid rules, saw elected officials rich
  • Tax collecting wastes money for individuals, businesses, government
  • Tax planning and related mistakes waste massive amounts

So, if you owe the IRS or any State and cannot pay (OR DO NOT WANT TO PAY), for a Tax Fighting CPA that HATES TAXES AND LOVES FIGHTING THEM, contact MIKE BLOCK:

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Fastest, easiest, accurate, low-cost QuickBooks! Intuit - QuickBooks CEO, "You're fantastic Mike! Absolutely fantastic!" Tax fighting CPA.

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