You may not need QuickBooks, Xero or …

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Here is a partial response to someone asking why I said that You may not need QuickBooks, Xero, Excel, paper accounting or CPAs who rely on them.

It involves payment add-ons. You scan bills and quickly get back a list. A few clicks (from one or more people if wanted) decides what they pay and when, with mail or fast inexpensive ACH. They have a searchable bill archive, minimize expenses coding time and integrate with accounting programs. You also can integrate billing and collections for daily cash flow projections. It took about 10 seconds to fix a negative cash day (click the day and delay a payment). This is far better than what QuickBooks or Xero alone can offer.

Shoeboxed lets you minimize coding time by mailing bills. It also tracks miles and integrates into accounting programs, including, QuickBooks and Xero. This ended my worst year-end problems.

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