Xero Wastes Time Clicking OK

Xero wastes time clicking OK

Many said Xero wastes time clicking OK on entries already assigned to accounts. It took Xero more than 7 years to fix this.

From: Xero Community
Sent: February 13, 2019, To: Mike Block
Subject: Bank reconciliation – Option to apply bank rules automatically, Feature Requests 

I began this in 2012 and fixed it with my own program in 2013.  Xero also removed posts dates and moved everything to new forum, no one could see that it ignores many of the most requested user requests for 6+ years. Official Xero Reply: As you say, at the end of Jan 2019, it’s early in beta.

Suspended for Protesting Xero Clicking OK

When I protested Xero wastes time clicking OK Xero suspended my posts. All Xero posters protested date removal. My crime: AGREEING with a post saying date removal was like Nazi revisionist history. I showed the Xero CTO a fast keyboard macro OK fix in 2013, which I gave away. Users could soon OK entries with or without accounts receivable and payable. They also could choose any, selected or all bank and credit card accounts, for any, selected or all their companies. They could do this in 20 seconds or instantly using prior choices. The program entered OK for entries with assigned accounts, in 40+ companies, in less than 30 minutes. Xero wastes time clicking OK

Fast Xero Account Classifying Rules:

My program also copied bank and credit card classifying rules to and from Excel, for fast, easy, and accurate creating, editing, and combining generic rules. Xero’s CTO was hostile because it exposed Xero bulk approval bugs and API holes. He did not fix them for MANY years, if ever, so I could not use the API or get on the Xero integration list. He also kept approving needless user interface changes, so we kept having to rewrite. Xero wastes time clicking OK

This was one of many reasons why I Gave Up on Xero, including seeing QuickBooks Online radically improve.

Xero Wastes Time Clicking OK

Mike Block & Xero CEO 2013

Therefore, so I switched. Xero users still waste more time clicking OK than Xero costs. Xero losses also have been so bitten that its future is in doubt. Only capitalizing big development costs hides this, It also grows far slower than QuickBooks Online.

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