The end of Xero, Brain Dead Xero Machine Learning

The end of Xero is not far off.

I was once #3 in Xero U.S. Xero sales, a speaker at two Xero events & a very early adopter of Xero’s WorkflowMax, a near useless version the new Xero HQ. The now retiring Xero CEO linked to my blog & exchanged many emails with me.

The March 2017 Xero financials show capitalized software costs hide that Xero may go broke in less than 2 years. It already made extremely sharp expense cuts, as a % of sales, from fiscal 14 to 17. This will make it very hard to cut $69 million (New Zealand $ @ $0.70 U.S.) more to break even. The cuts already led to delays of 4+ YEARS in many features that many users were almost unanimous in requesting. Therefore, Xero effectively hid requests & posting dates.

Brain Dead Xero Machine Learning also reflects this. I explained that in four blog posts, with more to come. A LinkedIn user recently confirmed my assessment by reporting 9 straight machine learning invoice errors, disputing Xero claims of 90% accuracy. He probably did not realize that the invoice part of machine learning, where he had problems, is far easier than the payable and expense side.

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