Xero and Intuit Duel (LOL)

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Do you know about the latest Xero and Intuit (Quicken, QuickBooks) duel?

It was hilarious to read about teh new Xero and Intuit Duel. It made me LOL because Intuit never had competition like Xero. Intuit began in 1983. It soon dominated the home and small business accounting program market, with up to 95% market shares. Even Peachtree and Microsoft could not beat Intuit. This is now changing quickly.

7 year-old Xero, from New Zealand, came to the U.S. 18 months ago. It:

  • Pays more attention to users, especially professional accountants
  • Upgrades beautiful very automated accounting software far faster
  • Hired away the top QuickBooks ProAdvisor boss
  • Is increasing users by about 120% a year

QuickBooks has lost many users (Xero badly beating QuickBooks), so QuickBooks now directly targets Xero. The Xero and Intuit duel (LOL) now involves CPA meetings. A week after Xero set its first accounting professional conference (Sept. 4 and 5, San Francisco), Intuit set a nearby conference on the same two days.

U.S. Xero President Jamie Sutherland said, “Intuit got wind of what we’re doing and is resorting to different tactics, because they feel threatened… Xero has online and mobile software, while Intuit adapted a small business desktop product.”

Intuit says the Xero conference has no bearing on its event. However, the Xero and Intuit duel is LOL funny because Xero hopes to get 500 – 600 accounting pros and giant Intuit expects only 40 – 50 (unless Xero professionals crash the Intuit party).


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