Xero and Intuit Cheer Mike Block CPA

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I will always treasure this quote from former Intuit CEO, Steve Bennett:

Keep raising hell when Intuit does something wrong.

I wish Intuit (QuickBooks) CEO Brad Smith remembered that, and this comment that he made, once he took over for Steve: 

You’re fantastic Mike. Absolutely fantastic.

Brad acts as if he forgot this and many terrific former Intuit employees, so I wonder about Intuit survival. Steve, now Symantec CEO, doubled his stock price and market cap (+$9 billion) in a year.

It took me a long time to earn these Intuit comments. Now both Xero and Intuit cheer MIke Block CPA, as Rod Drury @roddrury, Xero’s brilliant CEO, recently added:

Stoked to finally meet our angriest fan @MikeBlockCPA,
who often SENDS ME EMAILS IN CAPS. Hi Mike

Rod Tweeted this from the Xerocon US (San Francisco) conference (9/5/13) and made sure I quickly got the related picture. My email CAPS relate to so much that Intuit did wrong and Xero is doing right.


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