Worst QuickBooks Feature: Transfers (Workaround)

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QuickBooks is a terrific program, with some terrible features. I have many pet peeves, but Transfers are the worst QuickBooks feature. There is, however, an easy workaround.

What are Transfers? They are a special QuickBooks payment type that I hope you never see. Go into a QuickBooks  check register. Enter a check payable to a second checking account. QuickBooks instantly turns your check into a Transfer.

Why are Transfers the worst QuickBooks feature? They accomplish nothing. The check still transfers the same amount from checking account to a second, so why are transfers the worst QuickBooks feature? Well, what do you do with QuickBooks checking accounts? Right, you Reconcile them. GOTCHA!

As soon as you Reconcile either checking account, you lock the other side of the Transfer. If reconciling the second account shows the Transfer was from account one to account three, you can no longer change it. You also cannot split the Transfer between more than one account. This makes Transfers a QuickBooks feature that accomplishes nothing and often creates big problems. What really makes Transfers the worst QuickBooks feature is that the conversion also applies to checks entered, in a QuickBooks check register, to some (not all) other balance sheet accounts.

There is a fast and easy workaround that can help you with Transfers, the worst QuickBooks feature. Never enter checks in the QuickBooks check register. Always enter checks in Banking, Write Checks, or as part of Pay Bills or Pay Employees.


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