Why use Google chrome?

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Why Use Google Chrome? (Kim Komando, self-proclaimed “digital goddess.”]

Until recently most people did not think about their browser. Windows came with Internet Explorer installed. That is what people used. Some still think Internet Explorer is “the Internet.” Why Use Google Chrome? (search engine repetition).

Firefox recently managed to shake the IE grip. This free browser is faster and has more features than IE. More importantly, it is more secure. Suddenly, browsers began to think about. Why Use Google Chrome?

About a dozen browsers are now available. Only five have serious market share. The three PC leaders are IE, Firefox, and Chrome. Why Use Google Chrome? 

Chrome is from Google. It is a jumping-off point for Google Web services, so it is simple, light-weight, and secure. In most speed tests, Chrome is the fastest browser. It is one of two to accurately use modern Web standards. It works with all new Websites and technologies. Opera and Firefox also rank well, but IE8 fares poorly. Why Use Google Chrome?

Like Firefox and IE, Chrome uses tabbed browsing. This means multiple Websites can be open in a window. It helps keep things organized. Why Use Google Chrome?

Unlike Firefox, Chrome runs each tab as a different system process. The entire Firefox program runs only one process. Per-process tabs become important when you load an unstable Website. One such Website can crash the entire Firefox program. In Chrome, only the unstable Website tab will have to close. Other tabs will be unaffected. That means you do not have to restart the program or reload your tabs again. Why Use Google Chrome?

The other benefit is a security method called sandboxing. It isolates each tab from the rest of the system. Think of it as a yard full of children. Each child plays in a separate sandbox. Say you have banking in one tab and load a malicious site, with code to read credit card data, in a second tab. Thanks to sandboxing, the malicious code only sees its own tab, not the credit card data in the second tab. It also cannot see stored account information in the core Chrome program or personal information elsewhere on the computer. You would have to give it permission deliberately, which makes it rather secure.

At a recent security conference, someone hacked other major browsers in minutes. The exception was Chrome. No one bothered trying. Upcoming versions of Firefox will use per-process tabs and sandboxing, but Chrome has them now.

One area Chrome lacked was extensions. Browsers install these little programs for extra functions. Extensions are huge in Firefox, but Chrome is now catching up. It does not have as many extensions as Firefox, but the situation is improving daily.

Google is working hard to make Chrome the best. Firefox had four versions in five years. Chrome had five versions in two years.

A Chrome downside was monitoring user surfing habits. However, Google made tracking opt-in. The other drawback may be the layout. Google wanted to make Web content easily visible, so the Chrome design is minimal. For example, it combines the Web address and search box. There also are no traditional menus in the program window. It will time to adjust, but it is perfectly usable once you get the hang of it. Some people prefer it.

Chrome has no problem with Internet Explorer or Firefox. You can have all three installed on the same computer. I do. Chrome even imports bookmarks and settings from other browsers. That saves you time during setup. So, try it for yourself.

Browsers are becoming a key part of the computing experience. Configured properly, they can make browsing safer and more convenient.

Added by Greg Kirkpatrick, a Microsoft Small Business Specialist (in South Florida):

There is also the Chrome “Incognito Mode.” Click the wrench (Settings) button and click “New incognito window” (or press CTRL-SHIFT-N) opens a new window. It lets you visit a website without worrying whether it will be in your browsing history or will deposit cookies that can be found later on your computer. Chrome blocks permanent cookies and history during incognito sessions, so your kids or tech people will not see the “naughty” sites on your computer.



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