Why Use Discounted QuickBooks Hosting

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Why use discounted QuickBooks hosting from Swizznet?

I used many remote QuickBooks hosting companies, since long before my story made the September 2007 Accounting Technology magazine cover. However, here us why we only use discounted QuickBooks hosting from Swizznet (search engine repetition). It also is why you too should use this Swizznet discounted QuickBooks hosting.

By the way, Swizznet did not pay me to write this and you get this discounted QuickBooks hosting at my cost. I simply know this is the fastest and easiest way to provide the best inexpensive and uninterrupted QuickBooks CPA support, with no file transfers, no Accountant Copy limits, no different versions of QuickBooks files and many  more money time and money savers.

SwizznetOther CitrixOtherTerminal
Anytime, Anywhere QuickBooks *XxXx
Seamless PrintingX
Desktop IntegrationXxX
Dual Monitor SupportX
Fast PerformanceX
Document ManagementX$$
Direct ScanningX
Drag & Drop File TransferX
User ShadowingX$
Full Mac OS SupportX
Continuous BackupX
PCI ComplianceX
 * This is the only Terminal Server (Services) feature.
  • Standard package:
    • QuickBooks 2009/2010/2011/2012 (only Intuit supported versions)
    • MS Office (Word & Excel)
    • Adobe Reader
    • Unlimited data storage (not the $3 per gigabyte a supposed low priced provider charged)
    • Additional supported add-ons:
      • QuickBooks Web Connector – integrate e-commerce products and add-ons
      • Bill.com
      • SmartVault Document Management
  • $39.99/user/month, not the usual Swizznet $59.99
    • $4.50/user/month to direct scan to Swizznet document management, one at a time or as multi-page documents.
    • Search documents and add notes or stamps before filing.
    • Users must own or rent software.
      • Rent QuickBooks Pro 2012 – $7.50 a month ($90.00 a year), saving $5+ per month.
      • Rent QuickBooks Premier 2012 – $12 a month ($144.00 a year), saving $9+ per month.
      • Rental savings cut the effective hosting cost to $31 to $35 a month.
    • No hidden fees or long-term contracts
    • Satisfaction guaranteed!
  • U.S. based tech support (24/7Bottom of Form if you cannot login or access files or programs).
    • Anytime, anywhere access and reliable printing, without special print drivers or sending print drivers. 
    • Share data with a Mac, Linux or Windows PC, with no setup, using the preferred PC version of QuickBooks.
  • Programs look and act as if they are on your local computer
    • Local computers can browse the internet or check email.
    • There is no clunky Terminal Services window.
    • Interact with local programs. Quickly and easily drag/drop (copy/paste) to/from Swizznet, with no extra FTP charges.
    • No dual or multiple monitor setup or charges (have documents in one program/monitor; QuickBooks in the other)
    • Share the preferred PC version of QuickBooks with Linux or Mac users.
  • Much Faster
    • Citrix doubles application speeds and prints 2-3 times faster than Terminal Services.
    • Servers use a Gigabit backbone and 100 Megabit connections from firewalls to the router.
  • Accountants can shadow what clients have open in Swizznet and use the keyboard or mouse. 
    • We also can do QuickBooks bookkeeping or filing 24/7, for as little as $10 an hour.
  • Security and reliability:
    • Unlike Intuit and most QuickBooks hosts, Swizznet is fully redundant (99%+ up time, only scheduled downtime).
    • Port scans and audits minimize risk, making you as safe and secure as online banking.
    • The latest redundant scalable technology, from industry leading Citrix, meets changing demands for secure, reliable QuickBooks and online accounting, with only scheduled downtime.
    • If something happens, to the best Cisco firewall, a redundant one automatically provides seamless protection.
    • There is continuous backup, as often as every 30 minutes, to a redundant off-site facility.
    • Restore files from 30 minutes to a year old.
    • Get required PCI DSS security to process credit cards with QuickBooks.
    • Get the best encryption and a Site Safe SSL certificate, with a $1,000,000 Network Solutions guarantee.
    • Servers are in a secure state-of-the-art SAS70 II datacenter. It was built to house ABC news and other media outlets, with reliability, speed and almost no downtime.
  • Coming soon – Free – Any combination of automatic QuickBooks reports, on any schedule you want, printed, emailed or as PDF or Excel files.

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