Why QuickBooks Terminal Server? Executive Summary

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I explained Why QuickBooks Terminal Server before. This is an Executive Summary on Why QuickBooks Terminal Server:

  • QuickBooks Terminal Server runs fast because programs and data are the servers. Less time is spent on slow network transfers. The QB Knowledgebase says, except for QuickBooks Terminal Server, “QuickBooks is a multi-user program, as opposed to a “true” network program. Network programs are typically installed on a single server or workstation and then accessed from that installation by multiple users simultaneously. In contrast, every QuickBooks user on the network must have a separate, licensed copy of QB installed on their local workstations.”
  • Use one fast free Enterprise Database Server Manager for Pro and Premier users.
  • One good server increases speed for all users.
  • Install programs once for all users.
  • Fully customize each program once (up to 100 preferences per program).
  • Backup only one system for faster and easier backups and remote backups.
  • Increase the safety and security of data, possibly with co-located server, as local systems are very insecure.
  • Buy fewer copies of programs used only occasionally.
  • Use older inexpensive PC, Linux or Mac systems for users, saving upgrade time.
  • Print on any printer.
  • Minimize anti-spyware and anti-virus program cost and time (users need less space).
  • Let managers, consultants and senior employees shadow user sessions to help and limit errors, for the fastest, easiest, most efficient and effective collaboration.
  • Better collaborate with accountants, by synchronized files for tax and financial statements.
  • Link a Linux server to run 10% – 25% faster and more reliably.
  • Better support QuickBooks add-ons, so it automatically does much more for many more users. Never enter data twice and cut Excel, Word and other program and pencil errors. This will let us capitalize on a U.N. committee report, estimating trillions in annual savings from common forms and Electronic Data Interchange. QB has common forms94.2% of small business accounting software sales (retail) and EDI. Four million companies use it and 50,000 ProAdvisors, accountants and bookkeepers may use it for 4 million more companies. 75,000 QuickBooks add-ons developers and improvements on the new user-to-user help can let users find customers, add supply chain partners and cut costs with international markets.
  • Convenience, so you access everything 24/7 from anywhere, with any basic system.
  • Let inexpensive remote experts support and maintain, 24/7, with a 15 second response time.
  • My fast personal access to top-level Intuit help and executives, though Intuit only supports terminal server for QuickBooks Enterprise.


This Executive Summary shows there are many very good reasons Why QuickBooks Terminal Server. There is are a wide range of very inexpensive QuickBooks Hosting Costs and QuickBooks Terminal Server Costs, as further posts will show. Therefore, if you are ready for the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to improve your business, please contact us.


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