Why Outsource? Save Money, Save Time, Increase Flexibility

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Why Outsource?
The September 2007 Accounting Technology magazine cover story (Secrets of Outsourcing) featured me when I had 8 years of outsourcing to save money, save time and increase flexibility. We now have free no-credit-card-required trials, with satisfaction guaranteed.

Save Money:
Save up to 100 times the cost of getting better time records. We can check frequent screen shoots, with keystroke and mouse clicks, for any local or remote computer. This lets us check and add to time records and report on inappropriate websites or idle time charged. We pay assistants well for where they live, which is often less than 20% of U.S. salaries. You also do not pay for fringes benefits, computers, internet costs, rent and much more. We gladly work for a percentage of savings if you doubt our effectiveness.

Save Time:
Have extra part or full time workers for only the hours you want, day or night. Have them do accounting, bookkeeping (QuickBooks or Xero; daily, weekly or monthly), computer maintenance (backups, extensive automatic tests, repairs, updates), data entry, filing, graphics, phone answering, programming, reports, sales calls, scheduling, taxes, transcriptions, typing, web research, writing or anything else you want. Tell us or show us what to do (share computer screens), as you leave, and find it done when you return. Watch us working at any time, for fast corrections and complex training.

Increase Flexibility:
Use one person for a few hours, large teams working 24/7 or anything in between. You can vary this every day, to increase flexibility dramatically. We also can keep adjusting very inexpensive cloud servers to your workload.

Please contact me if you have work for us. It will save money, save time and increase flexibility, while providing the best possible foreign aid.

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