Why are Professional QuickBooks Consultants better than Intuit QuickBooks Support?

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Do you want to know why Professional QuickBooks Consultants are better than Intuit QuickBooks Support? Then read only a few of the things that happened to Amy Bergey, our top Professional QuickBooks Consultant, last week. 

Example 1: A client recently called Intuit QuickBooks Support, after installing a new QuickBooks program and upgrading his QuickBooks file. The Customer Center screen needed appeared in the Open Window List. However, the related window was not on the screen. Intuit QuickBooks Support required a credit card before helping him. They then spent three hours with him on the phone. They had him uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks. They also had him delete his company file and restore a backup, resulting in the loss of about a week’s worth of work.

After all this, they could not make the Customer Center appear on his screen. They told him his file was corrupt and he would have to start his entire company file over. In desperation, the client remembered receiving Amy’s card and called her, a Professional QuickBooks Consultant. She had him temporarily maximize his windows (one window, instead of multiple windows) and his Customer Center reappeared. It turned out that the Customer Center window had only been off-screen. Problem solved, in less than 5 minutes, for no charge.

Example 2: The mother of a client uses online bill payments through QuickBooks. She received an error message telling her that it was too late to make the payment submitted. She did not know how to proceed. She called her bank, which referred her to Intuit QuickBooks Support. After providing a credit card and spending two hours on the phone, she still had no solution. She asked her son, who had her call Amy. Amy had her move the submittal date of the payments into the future, so QuickBooks accepted the payments. Problem solved, in less than 5 minutes, for no charge.

Example 3: A client called with a complex QuickBooks problem. It took far less time for Amy to take control of their computer remotely, with our free GFI QuickBooks support program, than it would have taken to talk them through a solution or visit them. GFI also monitors your computer 24/7, so we often fix computer problems before you know you have them.

Don’t get us wrong. We are in business to make money, but Amy prefers not to charge for very short phone consultations. Please keep these examples in mind when considering a call to Intuit QuickBooks Support. You will likely spend a long time on hold and in providing credit card information, before paying dearly to talk to an offshore non-QuickBooks user. Yes, Intuit QuickBooks Support personnel simply read answers, based on keywords entered.

Now you know some of the reasons why Professional QuickBooks Consultants are better than Intuit QuickBooks Support. So please refer anyone with QuickBooks problems to Professional QuickBooks Consultants like us. It costs much less and usually solves problems better.

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