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I got a big shock on April 12, 2013. We were number one for Xero (in the U.S.). This WAS from a Xero-Partner “Find Advisors” web page, which listed Partners based on their number of Xero U.S. clients.

WE NO LONGER USE XERO, due to broken promises, bad execution, and shaky finances. You should not use it either. 

Mike Block CPA, 888-503-8677, mblock@blocktax.com

Michael Block CPA

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OMG! Xero is the future of accounting!
The best QuickBooks CPA (28-year noted
QuickBooks / Quicken expert) is now
quitting QuickBooks for Xero. I bet $100 you like Xero better than QuickBooks. We offer international Xero support in English, Filipino, Hindi, Sinhalese, Spanish, Yoruba and other languages (Xero has multi-currency, so it is quickly getting many more users in 100 countries.)


Services include:
AccountingBookkeepingConsultingSetup & ConversionTraining

We are now number one for Xero (listed first), because we’re number one for the most Xero clients. Xero, of course, lets us provide the fastest, easiest, most accurate and most reliable automatic accounting, 24/7.

And we’re inexpensive. We’re inexpensive because we use Xero and because we blend reasonable U.S. rates with low-cost international QuickBooks and Xero experts. Many of our experts are CPAs, but we help them make us number one for Xero by providing them for $10 an hour or less. We’re especially inexpensive because we have been using these low cost experts for 11 years, as featured in this 2007 “Secrets of Outsourcing” Accounting Technology magazine cover story.

We closely supervise U.S. and international assistants with frequent screen shots of their work. We also get  continuous keystroke and mouse click counts for international assistants, to give you top value.

How would you like to have this, even for your in-house assistants, for very little money?

Then contact us now!

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