Wasting Hours With Quickbooks? There is a Quick Fix

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Accoring to @danzitting on Twitter:

Once again wasting hours dealing with Quickbooks. There’s a quick fix: control panel > uninstall. Then go get a Xero account.

I understand the frustration, as I spent much of the last 28 years cleaning up QuickBooks and Quicken errors. What was especially frustrating was knowing that clients would probably soon mess things up again. With Xero, this is very unlikely because:

  • Xero automatic Rules now classify up to 100% of entries.
  • Clients rarely change Xero Rules or add new ones.
  • I end my Rules with a period (.) so client Rules stand out.
  • Xero is always completely current, so there is no rush to make entries.
  • We can very inexpensively create new Rules every night or week.
  • QuickBooks does not emphasize easy CPA – client collaboration.
  • Xero emphasizes free and easy CPA – client collaboration.

Please give us a copy of your QuickBooks, Quicken, Peachtree or other accounting file before uninstalling, so we can quickly convert you to Xero. You can keep using your old program while we do this or indefinitely. We can start with a fast balance-only conversion, as of today, and quickly carry it back to January 1 or earlier. We also can convert all transactions for many years. We can do all this while we set up your custom automatic Xero Rules, for much less than you now pay for accounting, so contact us now.


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