WARNING: You May Die This Week Unless You Read This NOW!

Yes, this is a WARNING: you really may die this week if unless you read this NOW!


The Immigration and Customs Enforcement service (ICE) fined a company $80,000, though it had NO illegals, NO contractors and received NO prior warnings. It was $2,000 per employee for 40 employees, though they all had W-4 forms and were current with payroll tax payments and returns.

Why? Why? Why?

They had no Forms I-9! This form verifies identity and employment authorization for those employed in the U.S. Employers must ensure proper I-9 completion for those hired, CITIZENS OR NONCITIZENS. Employees and employers must complete and sign forms. Employees must give employers acceptable documents (see the last page of the I-9) for identity and employment authorization. The employer must examine documents to decide if they seem genuine and relate to the employee. They then record document information on the Form I-9.

This was the first notice to the company, so a web reference says there should have been a warning notice and a fine of as little as $375 per person, but that is not what happened. Yes, there will be an appeal, but…

Please do not let your company or clients be the next I-9 news story.

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