Very hard work helps

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There are 168 hours in a week. Six 12-hour days are only 72 hours. My record workweek was 132 hours. That was 36 hours of straight work, followed by 60 hours more work (after sleeping 6 hours and commuting for an hour). Then add an extra 36 hours after sleeping and commuting again. Very hard work helps.

You can get a lot done when you work that hard. Some of my most productive ideas come to me during such marathons, as I keep thinking of ways to make current and future jobs faster and less likely to have errors. However, I also always review marathon work after sleeping.

Getting older often means needing more sleep. However, for me, it means rarely sleeping more than four hours at a time. It was recently good to see that I can still work long hours without sleep. From 2am Tuesday, through almost 10pm Wednesday (32 hours), I worked almost continuously to finish one important client job. Only when I finished did I call and deliver the job by email. My usual four hours of sleep had me back at my (home) computer by 2:30 AM. I reviewed about 100 pending emails, updated in-progress work, and started this post before sleeping again. Very hard work helps.

An early Thursday morning review of my marathon job showed no errors. We e-filed 13 tax returns, started a new major job and kept planning my biggest job ever (though I spent 5 years with big national CPA firms and more years with major local firms).  Very hard work helps, so I am still here on Friday at 7 AM again. I guess that means it is time for breakfast before returning.


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