Unpaid WordPress Yoast SEO Review

Unpaid WordPress Yoast SEO Review:

31% of the world uses WordPress. I blogged with WordPress for a long time and then got a free version of Yoast several months ago. Yoast is a WordPress plugin for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It does not pay for affiliate sales from web traffic directed to it. This also is an unpaid WordPress Yoast SEO review. Therefore, I have no financial interest in you using Yoast.

Summary: unpaid WordPress Yoast SEO review

Yoast seems to be the fastest, easiest and most effective WordPress SEO plugin (program). Therefore, here are some of the many that agree with this unpaid WordPress Yoast SEO review.

Unpaid WordPress Yoast SEO review

Unpaid WordPress Yoast SEO review

For this reason, you should consider this unpaid WordPress Yoast SEO review?

It is a waste of time for you to create web pages without good SEO and readability. It will cost you hundreds to thousands of visitors and make you look foolish. The Yoast SEO Guidance and Readability sections will quickly make you far better at SEO and writing. They did that for me. I clearly see this in my many changes. Accordingly, they  keep quickly and easily improving my posts in both areas.

The All In One SEO Pack is the leading Yoast competitor. I had it for many years. However, cannot recall All In One making anything like the many good suggestions Yoast makes to help me. My WordPress programmer sometimes used All In One so I know it was working.  However, Yoast is very remarkably different. Even WordPress novices like me cannot miss its many Guidance and Readability suggestions.  As a result, I am writing this unpaid WordPress Yoast SEO review.

While writing this review I bought the $129 Yoast Premium and Local add-on bundle, but you should start with the free version.


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