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You can easily type much faster and more accurately with the built in Office autocorrect. I use Office 2007, but this owrks about the same in all other Office versions.

It automatically expands any abbreviation you like into the full text. For example, you can type hvr and get “however,” while typing plsq can give you “Please contact me with any questions.” You also can set it to automatically fix any spelling mistakes, turning aslo in also befor you even realize you made the mistake.

You can turn this off or on in an instant. I use thousands of these Word, Outlook and Excel abbreviations without thinking about them. My only problem is when I cannot use them, as in the Re line of emails.

You need autocorrect in the Ribbon or Quick Access Toolbar to use it effectively. However, you can do that easily in Word. Simply do this in Word, preferably in an empty file:

File, Options, Quick Access Toolbar, All Commands, AutoCorrect Options and Add (to the right).

I do not see the difference between the two AutoCorrect Options, I also add Save, Undo and Redo to the QuickkAccess Toolbar before saying OK.

I also like to make other changes. While you are in your blank file, move down a few lines and consider changing your default font:

Rright click, Font, make changes,  Set as Default, All documents based on the Normal.dotm

Then consider a change to your default Paragrapgh:

Rright click, Paragrapgh, make changes,  Set as Default, All documents based on the Normal.dotm

I prefer 0 under both values in Indentation and Spacing, in additions to using Line Spacing Single At blank. Finally, it is very important that you:

File, Options, Proofing and go to When correcting spelling and grammar in Word (Office).

Check all the options and set Writing Style to Grammar and Style. I also check Settings for most options, but that is personal. Then follow the suggestions that you get.





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