Twitter Tsunami Jokes 4 (updated)

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Before you read these Twitter Tsunami Jokes, please contribute to the American Red Cross, Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund. My prior Twitter Tsunami Jokes increased web traffic 10 times, with only one adverse Comment. Google gave me top links for Twitter Tsunami Jokes (which increased from 232,000 to more than four million). After blogging for years, I know this temporary traffic will have no long-term effect on my QuickBooks-Blog. However, it may now help you contribute to the Red Cross, without this costing you anything:

If you click an ad, my Red Cross contributions will double what Google pays me.

One person is matching this, so you can triple your click money in seconds. I am asking others to match us, for further increases.

The rapper known as 50 Cent got in trouble for some Twitter posts. My version of these Twitter Tsunami Jokes shows why neither of us will make it as comics:

Hawaii under a watch. This s**t is crazy. I can’t swim.

Wave will hit 8 AM. Them crazy white boys gonna try surfing.

This is very serious. I had to evacuate my hoes from LA, Hawaii and Japan.

I linked many far better Twitter Tsunami Jokes here:

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Twitter Tsunami Jokes 3 (see amazing pictures)

However, as long as you are here, please check this next link for redeeming social value Twitter Tsunami Jokes 4.

Go ahead. You can trust me. I’m a QuickBooks CPA!

Before your get offended by these Twitter Tsunami Jokes, please read this BBC article: Why do people tell sick jokes about tragedies? It confirms that we tell jokes about tragedies because people listen and feel better, so we all can better deal with tragedy.

I normally cannot read body language. I also enjoyed getting a sign saying, “Subtlety and other foreign languages not spoke here.” However, I somehow instantly felt we needed some jokes when our airplane blew an engine and many started to panic. I quickly began very loudly joking and talking. My biggest jokes dealt with those most afraid, saying the pilot would give us the smoothest landing we ever had.

I was right, but even if we died that day we would have been far better off laughing for as long as possible. More than 16,000 died in Japan, so we can all cry. However, I did not spend time giving you these jokes to minimize the tragedy or mock anything. I instead edited or created them so we all could better deal with the tragedy and the related need for more Red Cross contributions.

PLEASE join in that effort, regardless of the poor quality of my jokes.

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