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Before you read these Twitter Tsunami Jokes, please contribute to the American Red Cross, Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund. My prior Twitter Tsunami Jokes increased my web traffic 10 times, without one complaint! I got the top two Google links for “Twitter Tsunami Jokes”, which increased from 232,000 to 2.4 million.

I will now repeat my unbeatable offer to you:

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Please do this now, before reading Twitter Tsunami Jokes 3.

What are the worst of the new Twitter Tsunami Jokes?

The tsunami is coming. The tsunami is coming. Wait, it already came.

California, Hawaii and Oregon may have $100 million in damage and two dead.

Amazing before and after pictures show why Japan probably has 10,000 dead and more than $200 billion in damages and business losses.

Three Japanese nuclear plant explosions are sending radiation around the world. This probably will get worse before getting better.

Japanese Nuclear Explosion got 1.3 BILLION new Google links last week.

How did the tsunami kill the duck?

It fired him.

(AFLAC insurance fired Gilbert Gottfried, its quack quack duck actor, for Twitter Tsunami Jokes.)

I based these Twitter Tsunami Jokes on Gottfried jokes, which AFLAC quacks say lack humor:

I split with my Japanese girlfriend. A new one will soon float by.

The Japanese do not go to the beach. The beach comes to them.

Japanese doctors say you need 50 million gallons of water a day to stay healthy.

A Japanese real estate agent said there were no schools nearby, but just wait.

Japanese Jews eat Hebrew National Tsunami.

Japanese apartments have floodlights.

Gottfried’s Rubber Balls & Liquor book is making a splash in Japan.

Japanese girls still have sex, but you have to sleep in the wet spot.

A Japanese girl having sex screamed the earth was moving and I am getting wet.

Twitter Tsunami Jokes may be a hit in the U.S., but they are sinking in Japan.

Three-quarters of Aflac insurance is in Japan. Quack. Quack.


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