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My first Twitter Tsunami Jokes were a very big hit. Those jokes gave me the two top Google links for Twitter Tsunami Jokes (out of 456,000). This doubled my best day’s hits and my best day for those who clicked an ad (see my exciting offer at the end of this).

As I said before, these Twitter Tsunami jokes are rather sick. Japan is fighting to avoid a meltdown of three earthquake-crippled nuclear reactors. The quake and tsunami may have killed more than 10,000. Therefore, before you enjoy my Twitter Tsunami Jokes 2, please consider a donation to the American Red Cross, Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund. Then you can relax and enjoy my Twitter adapted jokes (140 character) from

2. Tsunami charity drives send shoes. They should send flippers!

3. Some will not give to tsunami charities because many houses already have extra boats and cars.

10. After the tsunami, God texted Bin Laden, “Top that!”

11. After seeing The Day After Tomorrow, some turned towards the sea, saw the tsunami and said, “Oh sh..!”

13. How do you pronounce tsunami? GLUB GLUB GLUB.

17. Two boat crews tried to help a lost sailor. He said, “No, God will save me.” After the tsunami he said, “Why didn’t you save me God?” God said, “I sent two boats retard!”

19. How do you keep fit during a tsunami? Swim fast.

21. Santa did not visit Japan this year. He gave them a big wave instead.

24. IKEA is opening a new store in the tsunami area. Flat-packs are definitely in.

27. To aid tsunami victims, the USA offered $30 million, the UK offered $25 million and Australia offered to replace those who died.

29. Why did Superman not stop the tsunamis? He was in a wheelchair. Now he is dead.

31. Japanese no longer wash dishes in sinks with Tide. They sink and wash up with the tide.

32. The Gold Coast Surf Classic winner was controversial (a man on a door).

33. How many tsunami survivors does it take to change a light bulb? None, there is no electricity. 

36. Flood Aid Concert: Muddy Waters, The Drifters, Wet Wet Wet, Billy Ocean, The Tornadoes, the Beach Boys, the ‘Tide is High’ and ‘Say Hello and Wave Goodbye.’

37. Beachfront cities still have power. There is plenty of current running.

41. Tsunami area pubs and clubs are reopening, as old customers drift back in waves.


Now that you are safe and well, after hopefully enjoying my Twitter Tsunami Jokes 2, please again consider the American Red Cross, Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund. Please also click an ad, on this or my other blog pages. My personal American Red Cross contribution will more than double the revenue from your ad clicks.

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