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Are you tired of long waits for Intuit QuickBooks support?

Is it hard to understand foreign QuickBooks agents?

Do your agents sound like non-QuickBooks users?

Does your agent read answers without understanding?

Have you wasted time on what they cannot solve quickly or at all?

Especially for QuickBooks Enterprise users, are you upset?

Are you tired of paying too much for bad tech support?

I am a three time Intuit Ask the Expert (Speeding Up QuickBooks, etc.), whose QuickBooks Shortcuts and Speed Up QuickBooks web pages were long on the Intuit Community website. Here are my reviews from:

Intuit CEO Brad Smith:
    “You’re fantastic Mike. Absolutely fantastic!”

    Former CEO Steve Bennett:
    “Keep raising hell when Intuit does something wrong!”

I can give you top U.S. based QuickBooks support almost 24/7, as my 954-903-7250 office number also rings my cell. From 12:58 to 1:20 this morning I spoke with a California attorney. His early morning call was fine. I was watching TV in Rhode Island, instead of being a Florida insomniac. Soon after clicking the top left Email Me link he had a Dropbox link. This let him quickly and easily send a QuickBooks file, regardless of size.

A long-time Philippine associate, who speaks excellent English and can sharply cut your QuickBooks bookkeeper or training costs, will review the QuickBooks file before I wake up. In a few hours I will review her notes and the file myself. I will then talk to his wife. She may click a Dropbox file link to let me remotely use or automatically inventory her computer, while (optionally) installing very inexpensive 24/7 automatic monitoring and updates.

Intuit cannot do anything like this, but I cannot help everyone. You can, however, get Intuit’s top U.S.-based QuickBooks support at a big discount. Intuit reserves this top U.S.-based QuickBooks support for QuickBooks ProAdvisors, but you can still get it by becoming a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. You can do this very quickly and easily, without a test and without being a QuickBooks consultant or planning to be one. The dirty little secret is that about 75% of the so-called QuickBooks ProAdvisors never take the Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor test, so make sure you use a real Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

Here is how the big discount works. Click this Lowest QuickBooks Prices link for the current lowest prices on QuickBooks 2010. I will soon update this for a 2011 link. However, on 12/5/10, the lowest price for 2011 QuickBooks Pro was $161 (QuickBooks Premier – $205). Add a year of unlimited Intuit second-rate foreign QuickBooks support for a total of $460 for Pro ($504 for Premier, $150 less for 2011 support). Add payroll for one company, with 3 employees, for $628 for Pro ($672 for Premier). For more (one company) employees it is $753 for Pro ($797 for Premier).

If you instead pay $449, as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, you get a year of unlimited Intuit top U.S.-based QuickBooks support ($350). You also get many more features in Premier Accountant 2011 AND 2012 ($300 each) and Enterprise Accountant 2011 AND 2012 ($749 each, important to speed up Pro/Premier networks). This costs $2,448 separately, with much more free. You can even add QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll for 50 companies (unlimited employees) for only $175.

Therefore, for the top U.S. based QuickBooks support, almost 24/7, Email Me (above left) or 


Both are FREE!


For the top Intuit U.S. based QuickBooks support, click QuickBooks ProAdvisor. You can even do both, but first please Email Me or Call Me.


(completed 4:45 AM, for posting at 9:30 AM, 12/5/10)


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