Your thoughts on apps that integrate with QuickBooks Online?

Apps that Integrate with QuickBooks Online

(edited from LinkedIn: Successful QuickBooks Consultants)

Matthew Watzka: I have a working knowledge of how to add and integrate apps into QuickBooks Online, but find it hard to offer “expert knowledge” to clients simply because there are so many options.
KC Truby: TALK Accounting app moves staff transactions at the cash register, directly into QB, with a picture of the receipt and the PURPOSE of the transaction coded. All in about 15 seconds, skipping data entry and bookkeepers having to call clients to find out, why you spent the money? Where is the receipt? What is the job cost number?

Mike Block CPA: It hurts me when busy professionals try to Do It Yourself with QuickBooks add-ons/apps. Choosing the right app(s) for each client is like Do It Yourself brain surgery (dangerous and time-consuming). Up to 36,000 web pages have terms referring to such add-ons/apps. Most are not Intuit listed (but some unlisted programs are terrific). Many are duplicates, discontinued or incompatible with others. Some are simple and some more complex than QuickBooks. Some are for QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, both or others.

QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online

I have been an add-on advocate and consultant since before QuickBooks got an add-on interface. Intuit’s CEO once updated QuickBooks in 4 days, the week before Christmas, because a QB update broke a friend’s add-on.

My group now specializes in these programs. We work for you or your clients on a no-risk basis. Our low fees are often cut by discounts, which we get when you cannot get them, so please contact me.

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