The Tsunami is Coming! The Tsunami is Coming!

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The tsunami is coming everywhere! Are you saying, “Wait, it was already here”?

Yes, I know we had a tsunami, but the biggest tsunami is coming now. In fact, the biggest tsunami is already everywhere. This worldwide tsunami is creating a global crisis. While Congress fights over $6 billion in cuts, we are spending $3.7 TRILLION and have a 1.65 TRILLION deficit.

Someone must buy our bonds to finance this deficit, but few are buying. The largest buyer, China, stopped buying by December. The highly respected manager, of the largest private bond fund, just said he was no longer had our bonds. Liberal George Soros said our bonds were a bad investment long ago. He was right. The Japanese have the biggest bond market and big investments in our bonds. They did not buy the last time they had a major earthquake – tsunami. The new big earthquake – tsunami will make them stop buying and start selling. Many others will follow these leaders. That means that a tsunami already coming to the bond markets will do far more damage than the physical tsunami.

Who will buy the bonds, to finance our ridiculous continuing deficits? The only big buyer left is the Federal Reserve. They finance purchases by creating more money. This means this tsunami is coming with inflation. I previously wrote about Obama Inflation, Obama Misery Index. New headlines now show that it is much worse: Food prices surge; housing starts plunge. One wholesale price index jumped last month by the most in nearly two years, due to higher energy costs and THE STEEPEST ONE-MONTH RISE IN FOOD PRICES IN 36 YEARS! Vegetable costs increased nearly 50%. Energy prices rose 3.3% LAST MONTH, WITH A 3.7% INCREASE IN GASOLINE IN ONE MONTH. Experts now expect $5 gasoline and worry about $10 gasoline.

The tsunami is coming. Wait, it is already here. There is only way Congress can stop deficit spending, which is fueling the worldwide tsunami that is coming. A senior House Republican said he did not think another stop-gap spending bill could pass. As terrible as shutting down the federal government sounds, it would be far better than continuing massive deficits and feeding the tsunami that is coming. The last election was about stopping the deficits. We must do so NOW, in any way possible.

The tsunami is coming. Wait, it IS already here.


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