The Secrets of OutSourcing Article

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The Secrets of OutSourcing Article

The Secrets of OutSourcing Article below features Mike Block CPA. The Accounting Technology magazine used this article as a cover story. Please click each of the thumbnails below to open the images and then Ctrl+ (to increase the text size, so even my tired eyes can easily read it).

First, many thanks must go to Sasan Goodarzi, Intuit CEO and Director. Second, many more thanks go to the amazing Brad Smith, Intuit Executive Chair. Third, many thanks go to my other Intuit friends because together, they and their products are are truly powering prosperity around the world. Finally, while Sasan and Brad both got me on Intuit Advisory Councils, I believe it was Sasan who referred me to Alexandra DeFelice. As a result, she expertly wrote the Secrets of OutSourcing article and turned her excellent copy into a cover story. She later went to the AICPA and is now Director of Marketing and Business Development at Payne & Fears LLP (lawyers). Therefore, Payne & Fears, or anyone else, will be lucky to have her.

Unfortunately, cannot thank an unknown photographer for making me look far better than I actually look. Alexandra only made me unhappy by not giving me the photographer’s contact information (magazine policy). On the other hand, writing this made me notice the Secrets of Outsourcing article byline, “Overseas workers help Mike Block serve clients while he sleeps”. Hear! Hear!

the Secrets article results

But, thanks to everyone, I got many reprints, signs and a PDF of the Secrets of OutSourcing article so having me post this, with my eternal thanks, is long overdue. Most important, writing this made me recall some of the best reasons for outsourcing.

Outsourcing is the fastest and easiest way to run your business

  1. Many outsourced places are many time zones different from the U.S. OutSourcing lets you use help, offices and computers while you sleep. A QuickBooks conversion needed many single user inventory corrections. Therefore, instead of locking out 20 users, the Secrets of OutSourcing article technique let remote users fix this while local users relaxed and slept.

  2. Likewise, you need no facilities (rent), insurance, computers, programs, taxes and many expenses, so the Secrets of OutSourcing article operating costs are very low.

  3. Rates are low compared to rates here, so you can add more local staff. This lets you better compete and increase your business. That is especially good for bookkeeping and taxes. We also outsource time keeping,  job posts, spreadsheets, business leads and much more. Only large U.S firms can now outsource income taxes, but we all can outsource to U.S. tax preparers. Not limiting this to local preparers is often far more economical and time-beneficial than only using preparers in your neighborhood. Therefore, consider the Secrets of OutSourcing article for U.S. west coast vs east coast and Alaska.

  4. There is a near limitless supply of well trained eager help, which can help you quickly handle peak workloads (like year end accounting and taxes) for flexibility and savings.

  5. Free web platforms have many outsourced people looking for part-time and full time work. However, we now prefer having most work done by a CPA (Chartered Accounting) firm. They take care of needed extra staff because they switch staff between outsourced clients. This is a big factor in how the Secrets of OutSourcing article can help you.

Outsourcing helps you, your city & our country

  1. An outsourced person was a great programmer. He worked for me for three years from the Ukraine. My grandparents were from there about 120 years ago. He then got upset about not getting full time U.S. jobs. His fast growing daughter was getting Chernobyl radiation. I offered him twice the salary in the U.S., so we would not worry about her or electrical, internet or computer outages.

  2. As a result, my computer club got a related offer (many helped create the IBM PC). I asked for computer work for him, payable to and guaranteed by my company, as he could only work for it under his H1B. He got the full amount as extra salary, as I really did not have full time work for him. Lance DiNonno was a big help, with transportation (3 people, 2 dogs, 3 cats), a rental house and work. We added orientations, family outings, parties, bowling, fishing, museums and much more. This fixed a serious problems and soon added three more U.S. citizens, home owners and productive workers, to the Secrets of OutSourcing article benefits.

  3. An outsourced bookkeeper was very good. She later invited me to her wedding. I could not come, but asked about a wedding present. She said the best present I could give her was more clients. Therefore, can there be any doubt that OutSourcing can make better friends for our Country, as it also let me quadruple my U.S. staff?

  4. A long-time outsourced person and I differ strongly about mid-east politics, but we are very good friends. Therefore, it is hard to outsource effectively without making friends, often in places where our Country needs them most.

  5. Finally, all of this relates to the best reason for the Secrets article and my writing about these Secrets. They do far more than government aid programs to help far more people, in and out of the U.S., live better and become better friends. That is why I gladly help others with this.


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