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Scott Wilder , a former top person at Intuit, linked to The Human Cloud on Facebook. I first thought that The Human Cloud was when humans invaded other planets, as aliens. However, this important new buzzword refers to what I did for 6 years before my September 2007 Accounting Technology cover story, Secrets of Outsourcing, expertly written by Alexandra DeFelice.

The fast and easy Free Backup and File Transfer service below is from a very well known U.S. based company. This is not a free trial, but free forever. Simply contact Mike Block CPA for your no-obligation referral. I also can provide any extras you want, when you want them,. with low cost U.S. ($9 – $12 an hour) or Philippine ($4.50 to $6 an hour) CPA-trained QuickBooks bookkeepers and assistants  The rates can be even lower, based on volume and job. There are no 1099s (subject to the U.S. Congress after 2011) and no taxes or fringe benefits.

The Human Cloud:
I first gave the same tax data to three overseas firms and my very experienced local staff, for The Human Cloud 3x. I could barely tell the difference between the time they took and the results they produced. Highly experienced Philippine assistants now file, use QuickBooks and Excel, post ads, do timekeeping, prepare taxes and much more. You can use any number of these $6 QuickBooks bookkeepers at once, in The Human Cloud, without a schedule or commitment. The Human Cloud will work any part of the day or night, or “all night” if you need them (their day is 12 hours off from our east coast night).

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Free Backup and File Transfer:
The Human Cloud $6 QuickBooks bookkeepers and assistants are the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to always have the latest version of your QuickBooks or other files on your choice of office, home, client and other computers. Files also are on secure U.S.-based cloud server, with automatic backup. There are free optional automatic local backups, as often as you like, when you exit QuickBooks. You can quickly and easily restore a local QuickBooks backup, or get any server file for a week after you delete it. 

These automatic free backups and transfers are the fastest, easiest and most reliable. You always work on local copies of Quickbooks and other files, without no remote access delay. There also are no email file size limits. This is far better that using the QuickBooks Accountant Copy, which limits you and your CPA. We also rarely use QuickBooks hosting or remote access programs (GoToMyPC or Logmein) to cut web delays.

Automatic Instant Paperless Filing:
The Human Cloud of $6 QuickBooks Bookkeepers or assistants (or the slightly more expensive U.S. Cloud) can make your scanner automatically copy some or all scans to an automatic file system. We also can arrange  local pickups anywhere in the U.S. You instantly search files, in the order sent or by size. The Human Cloud of $6 QuickBooks bookkeepers (or lower priced assistants) hand name and organize most files overnight, in your choice of folders. You can then search locally, with the folder system or by indexed names. This optional sorting is only 10 cents a file, ONE TIME (Philippine, or 12 cents U.S.) for up to 2g. Extra space is only $1 a month for 10g (more space costs less). A free program / report lets you quickly spot and fix filing errors, with doubtful files highlighted. Quick and easy searches, by any OCR readable word (in all files), are free to very inexpensive.

$6 QuickBooks bookkeepers:
f course, this is all so The Human Cloud of $6 QuickBooks bookkeepers (or U.S. bookkeepers and assistants( can do your bookkeeping overnight (up to 24 hours for U.S. bookkeepers and assistants, depending on your time zone and need to use your system). This option include fast status reports, bank reconciliations and automatic QuickBooks reports (any reports on any schedule, by print, email or in Excel) and more. We can even very inexpensively optimize your QuickBooks file, with many of my Intuit Ask the Expert Speeding Up QuickBooks tips, or the more extensive QuickBooks-Blog Speeding Up QuickBooks tips. The Human Cloud $6 QuickBooks bookkeepers can even teach you QuickBooks, one on one or in group seminars, at convenient times, for $6 an hour or less.

Automatic Remote Management:
Manual and automatic remote system management is a very inexpensive option ($5 a month).  We, you and your local computer tech can get automatic 24/7email or cell phone problem notices. These often let us fix problems before you know you had them. We also include automatic disk optimizing (defrag) and program installs and updates.

I have been using The Human Cloud of $6 QuickBooks bookkeepers for a long time. They speak excellent English and are very effective.

Please contact Mike Block, CPA for a free referral to the File and Transfer System or a free trial referral to The Human Cloud of $6 QuickBooks bookkeepers (or the slightly more expensive U.S. Cloud).

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