The Divvy website is wrong, but it is great

The Divvy website is wrong

The completely free Divvy QuickBooks MasterCard pays you $100 to try it. And, no minimum purchase. But, the Divvy website is wrong. It says, “Gather the info you need. Pick a budget, swipe your Divvy card. And you’re done”. However, even if it were true, it leaves out opening the Divvy phone app. As a result, you must pick from all QuickBooks accounts.

The Divvy website is wrong, but it is great

You actually swipe the Divvy card first. Therefore, Divvy gets vendor, date and amount. Then Divvy uses your phone or PC to confirm your artificial intelligence selected account, class, location, team, event or more. You can quickly change budget limits. Therefore, Divvy the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to post credit or debit card charges. Goodbye expense reports, reimbursing, report deadlines and over-budget charges. Most important, Divvy reminds you if do not choose quickly.

Get $100 for clicking the free Divvy QuickBooks MasterCard (then top right: Get a Demo). The Divvy website is wrong and Divvy includes:

  1. Each user can only choose their right account, class, location, team, event and more
  2. Completely free e-bill pay (unlike
  3. Instant Venmo or Stripe Cash App type transfers
  4. Better security
  5. Free travel planner
  6. Free rental car insurance
  7. Many big rewards
  8. Fast lost card replacement
  9. Fast stop charges
  10. Instantly change budgets (the Divvy website is wrong)
  11. Credit payment reporting to improve business credit
  12. Business loans that you need
  13.  Free 24/7 support
    Instead of a dozen vendors

Simplify and Manage With Divvy

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