The best CPA for you is Michael Block

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The best CPA for you

The best CPA for you is Michael Block. Early aptitude tests said I would be a very good senior CPA, but an average accountant and a bad bookkeeper. I could not reconcile the differences, or see how they would make me The best CPA for you so I disregarded the tests.

The best CPA for you – early years

I was not quite 18 when I graduated high school. Accordingly, the NY rules made it hard to find a local job. My mother got me to take bookkeeping and typing.classes. I could not type so I worked on bookkeeping, easily finishing a year of a College Accounting book. In my second college term, I took physics, calculus, chemistry, and biology. The remaining choice was history or accounting. My summer made me think accounting would be easy, so I chose accounting and soon got a part-time accounting job. My next term made me jump to accounting 3 or not take it. Accounting 3 also was easy, despite the jump, so I switched to a college with many accounting courses. This helped me become the best CPA for you

The best accountant for you – later years

The best accountant for you did not get a part-time job fast, so I went to night school and worked full-time days. Accounting was still a snap, so I took extra college correspondence courses. One day I was very late to a big test but finished well before the class ended. Not knowing it was right minus wrong, or the important the American Institute of CPAs test for graduating seniors, made me spend little time on it. However, I was in the top 1% nationally. That shows I am The best CPA for you. I later saw that my early aptitude test made sense. I hate detailed bookkeeping and audits but love senior CPA creative options.  My mother then said my grandfather was a village accountant before coming to the United States. That further explained my confusing tests and why my sister became a CPA after getting a political science degree.

Michael Block, is the best tax person for you and the worst for IRS

Please see the Amazing QuickBooks Endorsements of The best CPA for you from top Intuit / QuickBooks leaders. The Coronavirus spending bill means massive inflation, high taxes, and far more regulations. This will kill far more people than the Coronavirus unless you have someone who hates the IRS on your side.

No problem. Mike Block knows what to do.

No problem. Mike Block knows what to do.


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