Tax Hating CPA Seeks Tax Hating Clients

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Tax Hating CPA

My recent Tax Hating CPA response (LinkedIn) said high earners only pay high taxes only without a CPA tax hater.

Tax-hating CPA

Tax hating CPA

CPA Tax Record

I have a unique CPA tax hater record. Many had my years of tax, law accounting and computer courses. But, I became an effective tax hater after years in international, national and local CPA tax departments. My CPA first firm helped write tax laws for the U.S. Congress. It also saved the then world’s richest man about $100 million (today’s dollars) in a month, after the largest CPA firm gave up. We got many big tax fighting lessons and saw some legitimate alternate expense names sharply cut IRS exam odds. And related tax. Very few CPAs consider this. I also learned that how you treat even a $200 item can make a big difference on tax hating CPA exams of all sizes. By the way, IRS exam plans should include small items you WANT disallowed, so IRS spends less time on some big items.

Average Extra IRS Exam Tax

My average corporate extra IRS exam tax is $0. And, my average personal extra exam tax is less than $100. Because of my CPA tax hater research, after many tax shelters and exams, I began helping clients switch expenses between entities. Because, this sharply cuts exams and more sharply cuts extra exam tax.

National and state tax hating CPA leader

  1. Unpaid part-time volunteer CPA petition researcher and writer – 17 years.

  2. Endless radio, TV and newspaper interviews, speeches and travel.

  3. I helped get about a million petition signatures in petition drives that I was the #1 or #2 leader. Most used petitions I mainly wrote.

  4. Changed state constitution with a petition I wrote, qualified and personally argued before a state Supreme Court.

  5. Changed laws and national petition practices with tax hating CPA research and my petitions.

  6. Book published by the University of Florida.

  7. Testified in a state petition case that an attorney general called the most important first amendment case in a decade, but we won in the U.S. Supreme Court.

  8. Got a key Senator to change a vote on the federal Balanced Budget Amendment.

  9. Reversed 13 of 15 votes on extending a container tax, repealing it.

  10. Largely self-financed winning campaign for a major county port commission seat, because we needed extra tax cut petition publicity. Donated salary back and never let lobbyists buy lunch or cruises.

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