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I remain very enthusiastic about Swizznet QuickBooks hosting, but it would not be fair to report on the bad as well as the good. Unfortunately, Swizznet QuickBooks hosting does have some problems. I am writing this only because Swizznet can and should fix these problems quickly.

The bad AND good of Swizznet QuickBooks hosting involves U.S based tech support. It is outstanding from 5 a.m. – 6 p.m. PST. When I say outstanding, I mean it is fantastically better than any QuickBooks hosting support I ever got, from many QuickBooks hosting companies over many years. Otherwise, you can only CALL for help with logins and file and program access (no after hours emails, chat or trouble tickets). In fact, my return call took longer than the promised 4 hours and came during normal support hours.

The bad AND good of Swizznet QuickBooks hosting also involves file transfers. FTP programs, like the free Filezilla, transfer large files far faster, easier and more reliably than Windows Explorer. However, Swizznet only has FTP on request. Its FTP also goes to a special server, so support must transfer files from there to your Swizznet QuickBooks hosting folders. I never heard of this before. Support also initially said there were problems with this server, contrary to the usual commitment to only scheduled downtime. It then would not consider FTP problems, though I could not even transfer 50kb+ files from three computers, at three locations, with three different ISPs services. This made me spend more than eight hours, over two days, on repeated Windows Explorer transfers, to get Swizznet 8g of data.

The third area of bad and good, of Swizznet QuickBooks hosting, involves QuickBooks add-ons. The inexpensive PageManager document management looks good. SmartVault, Bill.com and the QuickBooks Web Data Connector are also available. However, Swizznet is not yet allowing the dozens of QuickBooks add-ons supported by many competitors. This should soon change.

I hope other Swizznet QuickBooks hosting good and bad problems are also soon history.



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