Supercomputer phones, the best is yet to come

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Many millions now routinely use supercomputer phones. To put it in perspective:

Computers became a million times faster in thirty years. For example, the Cry-1 supercomputer (once among the fastest) had 4MB of main memory, an 80MHz CPU clock and cost $5 million. However, mobile phones like today’s Android G1 have 192MB of memory, a 528MHz CPU and cost $178.

You probably do not recall the Android G1, because I adapted this from a 2010 post. Today many smartphones (supercomputers) are twice as fast, as their numbers very rapidly increase. They also increasingly act as our personal system and schedule coordinators.

Recent Wired magazine articles talked about automatic smart location tracking messages between phones, computers and appliances. For example, when we leave the office, air conditioning can become less intense, while computers and lights turn off, automatically. Leaving for the day also can send an automatic estimated arrival time message for our wife at home. That can make her phone send automatic messages to appliances that adjust air conditioning, cue TV programs, heat up dinner and chill the wine (or soda). Our car can be ready for us, though it automatically drove itself for scheduled repairs, for which it paid, during the day. As we approach, it can unlock and start automatically. Phone driving directions can include a stop to pick up automatically pre-ordered and prepaid flowers, plus real time corrections to avoid your ex-girlfriend. You should even be able to see signs that switch content depending on who passes by.

This all can be done with devices that cost very little. That is why Wired often makes it clear that the best is yet to come, and its coming soon, without using these words. Here are some very good videos about this.  

A Day Made of Glass – 2011 (5:32 minutes)


Also see, “A Day Made of Glass 2:  Same Day. Expanded,” 2012, 11:34.

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