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Click here to get your fast free identity protection PIN

Florida, Georgia and Washington, D.C. have highest rate of tax identity theft, so IRS has fast free guaranteed safety for us and for those with prior actual or attempted theft. Quickly answer easy questions and get a PIN (preferably from 1/15/15 – 1/24/15, before thieves file and IRS begins processing). We will gladly help with this, very with finding out what IRS says you owe, in shared screen sessions.

Click here before IRS levies your bank account

Thieves file early, with made up income, withholding and credits. IRS pays big refunds without checking. Then IRS adds your W2/1099 income and withholding, to the made up amounts, and bills a made up address. You often only know this too late, when IRS levies your bank account.

Click here before IRS attaches your Social Security

If IRS cannot find a bank account, it levies Social Security, even if you did not need to file a return. Fortunately, we usually get that reversed quickly.

Click here to before refunds are nine months late

If thieves file for you, we must call IRS often (one-hour waits). You then need Form 14039, with current and prior paper tax returns, W2 copies, passports, driver licenses, mailing address on current and most recent income tax return, email address, Social Security cards, date of birth, filing status and utility bills. This often makes refunds up to nine months late and adds CPA fees.

To protect your bank account, Social Security and refund, get an identity protection PIN to stop identity theft.

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