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Things seem to be getting better. However, they are still so bad that I keep thinking of ways that we can help more clients. We can stop debt collectors for you. We often stop even Internal Revenue exams and debt collectors. I fight Internal Revenue exams so hard that Internal Revenue has not collected enough tax to more than cover related Agent salaries for more than 40 years.

We do especially well with our Dead Company Service. We not only send out all stop debt collector letters, but we change your mailing address to our address, for any debt you wish. We also can change your phone number to stop debt collectors. This lets you stop debt collectors and avoid hearing about them.  Company Service. We start with an Internal Revenue and state change of tax address. We also quickly buy your dead company for $1.

You do not personally owe the company share of Social Security and Medicare. You also do not owe many dead company fees, penalties, interest and  state taxes. You are liable for withheld taxes, including sales taxes, but it takes a long time for taxing authorities to assess them (if ever). Creditors also are less likely to pursue you or your company when they learn that it will not only take a lawsuit, but that your records are all ready for a bankruptcy filing (if you later decide on that).

You simply sign some initial paperwork and send us any notices you get, in our pre-addressed envelopes. Helping you stop debt collectors costs you almost nothing, especially with our Dead Company Service. The value, in terms of peace of mind and savings, is extremely high, so contact us now.


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