Six Good Ways to Get an IRS Audit

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Here are six good ways to get an IRS audit:

  • Earn more than $200,000
  • Do not report all income
  • File Schedule C  *
  • Take a “tennis court” deduction
  • Round off amounts  **
  • Have a vengeful ex-spouse or associate

* PLEASE contact me at once (no charge) if you file Schedule C . 1120S corporations can:

  • Have about three times fewer IRS exams
  • Get far more deductions
  • Include 1040 deductions,  so standard deductions exceed other 1040 itemized deductions
  • Substantially cut Social Security tax
  • Optimize Earned Income and other credits ***
  • Split income with family members
  • Almost guarantee no personal IRS audits

** Please also contact me at once if your accountant has round amounts, even if accurate, except in W2, 1099 and 1098 forms.

*** Few accountants know that you need not take deductions. Capitalizing some 1120S costs (take deductions later) can optimize income, for bigger tax refunds. 

Your numbers are only the beginning of getting you the largest possible refund, while minimizing client fees. I also cut known IRS deduction targets (Meals and Entertainment, Legal, etc.), while increasing less audited amounts. This is because every tax dollar you pay hurts me more than it hurts you.

Please contact me if this appeals to you. 

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