Shocking Intuit Growth in Total Users

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Shocking Intuit Growth

I have long tracked the shocking Intuit growth for QuickBooks vs Xero. However, I could not get a total for all Intuit users, vs the total users for competing programs, until now.

David Kupferman recently wrote Sasan Goodarzi, Intuit CEO

My good friend David Kupferman <> recently wrote Sasan Goodarzi <>, Intuit CEO. It led to the shocking Intuit growth reply:

Sasan Goodarzi, Intuit CEO

Sasan Goodarzi, Intuit CEO

David copied me and QuickBooks leaders (Avi Golan, Terry Hicks, Brad Smith <>, Intuit Executive Board Chair, prior CEO):   As  co-founder of Intuit’s ProAdvisor Council, along with my amazing colleague Mike Block, and as someone who’s in one way or another worked with every Intuit CEO preceding you. And with you as CEO of a company which was built on the backs primarily of the CPA/tax preparer/accounting community, I strongly suggest you immediately establish a 50% discount on Lacerte, Intuit, Turbotax and other Intuit  products. Because of the Accounting Community, Intuit has grown to where it is today– now it is your turn to pay us back.

Many of our clients have stopped paying or will shortly.  Do you care – will Intuit regard us as true “partners” or as a revenue line to milk?  What will you do? (this led to the shocking Intuit growth reply below).

Shocking Intuit Growth – Sasan Goodarzi

But, Sasan quickly replied: Hi David, We sincerely appreciate all your support and Mike’s over the years. We are working on what we can do for customers in these tough times, that balances many factors, given every one of our 50M customers ( shocking Intuit growth) have different needs. Please stay healthy.

That is FIFTY MILLION INTUIT CUSTOMERS! I worked closely with Intuit for more than 20 years. However, nothing prepared me for this Intuit Growth in total users. Therefore, I will soon follow up with comparisons to other companies.

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