Seven Reasons Why You Need More Accounting

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I wrote this to a new client.

Thank you for having me discuss why you may need more accounting. Thank you also for helping me to write my next blog post, as this is critical to your success.

CPA quotes are guesses, until we see you operations, personnel, accounting system and the type of service you want and need. Different CPAs (and non-CPAs) can give very different quotes. The same CPA also can give different quotes at different times, depending on facts you may consider trivial. This makes clients pay us from $13 to $1,000+ a month.

Here are seven reasons why you may need more accounting.

1. Your eCommerce site downloads many transactions, as opposed to only summaries.
2. You have many sales tax locations (eCommerce sites can make this rather trivial).
3. You need payroll.
4. You have someone needing training.
5. You have offshore ownership.
6. You want frequent reports.
7. You use Xero, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Wave or no accounting program.

Xero is much more dependent than QuickBooks on good initial bank and credit card classification Rules. That is because it cannot yet quickly change posted entries or combine accounts in the chart of accounts. I pushed hard for this for many years, but we are still months away from having it:

Please note that Craig is Chief Technology Officer and Xero employee #2. He never wrote an Official Xero Reply before my recent protest over long delays in these popular related Feature Requests. In fact, there was no Official Reply section until I pushed for it, after Xero misused our Best Reply. These Requests now have 384 total votes (#2 most requested).

Good Rules can properly classify thousands of transactions automatically, for many years. We are Rule creation experts, partly because my 0CPAs program is the only way to:

1. Copy Xero Rules to Excel (QuickBooks soon), so we compare and edit them for many clients.
2. Copy Rules from Excel to different clients.
3. Automatically approve Xero entries assigned to accounts.

I also may be the only small business CPA with a near universal way to vastly expand and automate Rules for many otherwise unknown companies. These recent Xero accomplishments are only the latest in a long series of  such accomplishments for QuickBooks.

That is why you now have many reasons to contact us about your need for more (or much less) accounting.

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