Seven reasons not to do accounting, or to let us help save you time and money

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Here is how to not do accounting or save time and money on it:

1. You have no time to learn accounting and no money for slow expensive accounting professionals.

Our very inexpensive CPAs do accounting, 24/7, far faster and for far less than what you pay others or for the value of your time. We also pay no more for extra QuickBooks desktop clients, so you need not buy, setup, learn or use QuickBooks or Xero.

2. You do not buy new programs (which are twice as fast) or use payables, billing, inventory or other complex features.

We use leading edge programs, to work twice as fast, with better accuracy and security. Our QuickBooks and Xero experts can use your local QuickBooks file without bothering you, exchanging files, using servers or delays. We also use any program or feature you want and can monitor and fix computers remotely.

3. You have no automatic bank or credit card entry imports or only get date, amount and reference data.

Less than 1% of CPAs get these imports with check and deposit images, fast or automatic payee entry and bank statements. The program also goes back up to two years, vs two months for QuickBooks or Xero, and quickly imports to them, while automating QuickBooks bank reconciliations.

4. You do not have the time or knowledge to create many rules, to assign entries to accounts automatically.

Our exclusive program quickly copies all client rules to Excel, so we can compare, fix and copy them between clients. We also may be the only CPAs using an IRS industry standard table to assign up to 98% of client entries to accounts automatically.

5. You do not link add-ons, such as Office, to increase accuracy and save time.

As long time add-on experts, we often help with very cost-effective add-ons or create new ones.

6. You do not keep current accurate records or use reports to manage your business and cut taxes.

We update you quickly and keep you updated daily. You can quickly check all bank and credit card accounts in one place. Current reports help you run your business better, cut taxes and avoid tax notices and penalties. We quickly switch clients and accounts, easily restore bank feeds and use bad account reports to follow up.

7. You give CPAs bank or credit card logins, bank statements, check or deposit images, trade files or entries, run servers or have CPA visits.

We increase security by not having your bank or credit card logins. After sharing your desktop, we use 256-bit security (banks use 128 bit) for account access. We cannot see your program password, but either of us can reset it. You save time by not giving us bank statements and check or deposit images. You also do not trade files or entries, run servers or have CPA visits.

Our new programs let us do two years of major client work in a year, so please contact us about our seven reasons not to do accounting, or let us help save you time and money.

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