Secrets of Outsourcing – What’s in it for you?

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I am a rather prominent U.S. CPA, with many years of outsourcing experience. The September 2007 Accounting Technology cover story (Secrets of Outsourcing) featured me. However, today the Secrets of Outsourcing question is, “What’s in it for you?”

I now have effectively unlimited experienced pre-screened QuickBooks and other bookkeepers and virtual assistants (phone answering, filing, Excel, Word. etc.), for as little as $5 an hour. This includes non-US-CPAs. It is easy to understand them, whether or not they are in the U.S. They can work all night while you sleep (those not in the U.S. have time zones 10 to 12 hours earlier than U.S. east coast time). You also can use them only when needed. You can even see their work. Our time records include frequent screen shots and records of mouse clicks and keystokes. A quick glance can tell you all you want to know. Our U.S. outsource supervisors can even do this for almost nothing.

Please contact me if you have work for them. This will save time and money, while providing the best possible foreign aid.


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