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My prior Scientists Reverse Aging post resulted in several comments. One from Abhishek Saini (Temples of India) got me to reply at length:

So when is the pill of life coming out, and will it be safe consuming such un-natural drugs?

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From Mike Block CPA:

My original post had a link to an article for a drug release article. It did not contain a drug release date, possibly because (as it said) the initial drug may increase the speed of cancer growth. However, there are already many pills of life, such as vitamins and antibiotics. There soon will be many better ones.

Besides, what is a natural drug? Ancient records show that we always used some plants, animals or minerals as drugs, processing them as needed. Does anyone object to the type of processing that turns natural or inedible poisons into good medicines and foods?

Nature directly, or through man, constantly selects plants and animals to survive, mutate, cross-breed or die. What was natural a million or a billion years ago is completely different from what is natural today. In that sense, humans are certainly not natural. Likewise, what will be natural a thousand or a million years from now is completely different from what is natural today.

Genetic engineering makes changes faster and more productively than random events, so we can more quickly select what is better. This, and increasingly powerful drugs, are only a refinement or combination of what has become “a natural” part of the earth’s bounty. Nature and man occasionally make what seem to be mistakes, but we both quickly eliminate most of them.

Our many successful “natural changes” increased U.S. life expectancy, from 37 in the 1800s to 78 today. Of course, this includes changes to what was natural in many areas. It once was natural to die from polluted water and food, from low-yield natural grains and growing methods, or from the lack of water, fertilizer and insecticide. We also died naturally due to worn teeth, bad hygiene and inefficient food and water distribution systems. It was obviously once natural for us to lack tools, weapons, medical care and organized societies, which let other animals and people kill or starve us, especially at night. Worldwide increasingly better physical and financial lives are the ultimate test of whether we are doing things right. Of course, freedom, and a belief in God, seem to help.

As people like Ray Kurzweil have long shown, our combined computer and human brain power is now increasing at an incredible rate. It gets faster each year, leading to still more innovation. My Scientists Reverse Aging post only relates to a very small example of countless efforts in this and many areas. Kurzweil has long been successfully predicting many related changes, including replaceable body parts. These will let us live for 150 years, and possibly much more. It now seems likely that the next 20 years will dramatically change this and many areas.

Even if Kurzweil and I do not live to see that, we will keep enjoying most news on the new natural.

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