Save Money, Save Time and Speed Results

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Save Money, Save Time and Speed Results-
I now have 13 years of experience in helping to save money (ROI to 100:1), save time and speed results. Click here for an Accounting Technology magazine cover story featuring me for this.

Save Money-
You can save money on the cost of keeping time records by having us create, check, correct or post them (ROI up to 100:1). You also can save money (two-thirds) on accounting, bookkeeping, filing, typing, programming and other staff. You can save even more money on payroll taxes, fringes, rent, insurance and computers.

Save Time and Speed Results-
You save time and speed results, with most work done at night. We use very inexpensive AUTOMATIC DAILY accounting programs and quickly add (or drop) extra staff, as needed.

Improve Supervision, Training, Control and Documentation-
We document all local and remote time with frequent screen snapshots and keystroke and mouse clicks. This lets us better use local and remote staff to supervise, train and control staff, while documenting work and even your car mileage. 

Please contact me to Save Money, Save Time and Speed Results.

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