Right again about QuickBooks – sorry about it

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Right again about QuickBooks – but sorry.

I was right again about QuickBooks but sorry to learn how it lost around $80 million.

Intuit shows I was right again about QuickBooks by selling its largest data center

It built the 2 million square foot center in 2009, near large Microsoft and Yahoo data centers. They use cheap hydroelectric power, and a cool Washington state climate, to save on immense needs for air conditioning. However, by 2012 QuickBooks, especially QuickBooks Online, had long outages. It seemed that I was right again about QuickBooks not having its own data center. QuickBooks competitor Xero soon switched to Amazon. This was very good for Xero, as Amazon worldwide server farms can switch servers to match rotating (as in the world turns) local peak demand anywhere.

right again about QuickBooks

right again about QuickBooks

All TurboTax Online customers were served entirely from Amazon during the latter part of the recent tax season. Intuit should finish switching QuickBooks Online this year.

It was one of the first companies with enterprise-class data to move to the public cloud. The center as more than

Many increasingly show me I was right again about QuickBooks hosting

I was right again about QuickBooks hosting when it saved my CPA practice. I was a very early adopter when switching many QuickBooks desktop clients to the cloud (May – June, 2005). This was just before these terrible South Florida area hurricanes:

  1. Dennis –┬áJuly 10
  2. Katrina – August 24
  3. Rita – September 20
  4. Wilma – October 24

After Dennis and Katrina, we waited months for a new roof. The roofers began removing our old roof as I began hearing about Wilma. I warned them, but they said nothing would happen and they had plenty of tarps to seal the house. Two days later we were hit by the worst hurricane I ever saw, from 1960 to 2017. The ceiling over my main computer tables began drooping, so the roofer added tarps. Wilma added endless rain until the roof collapsed and every bug moved in.

After Wilma, I was right again about QuickBooks hosting

It took weeks before we had power and my staff of 8 could work. They and my clients would have been dead, except for the cloud. I drove north with a laptop, two days after Wilma. There was plenty of wi-fi and wired internet in an hour. I added staff and computers daily until we could work back south, showing I was right again about QuickBooks hosting.

ProSeries show me I was right again about QuickBooks hosting

I uploaded ProSeries to our remote server, before going to California for a 2007 ProSeries tax Advisory Council meeting. The night before the meeting I transferred my first QuickBooks file to ProSeries. It ran faster on the server than it did on local network computers. The next day an Intuit rep explained why. Almost all ProSeries delegates then voted for my motion to have Intuit bundle QuickBooks and ProSeries with hosting, showing I was right about QuickBooks hosting. It is too bad Intuit did not do this and waited until now to drop this server.

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