Ridiculous: Internal Revenue Limits Web Access

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It is ridiculous when Internal Revenue limits (all but eliminates) web access. It actually can save a fortune, for itself, tax professionals and the public with expaned web options. It is especially ridiculous to do this for tax professionals when Internal Revenue calls now often take close to an hour.

The Internal Revenue expanded web options should include:

  • ALL tax return filings (not two years)
  • All tax exams, other disputes, data inquiries, address changes and status reports
  • Fillable forms
  • 24/7 web access, not insane business hours only

This will increase security and accuracy. We also need permanent linked bank accounts or credit cards, for taxes and tax professional user fees. E-filed return check boxes and pins should give permanent (not one year) access. Web-generated bank test entries, like the slow ones now done to e-file payroll, should let us get or change access in a day. To save fortunes on tax identity theft, deposit refunds in banks, as banks verify identity.

Instead, this and many federal cuts seem to try to show that the government cannot function without unlimited funds. Internal Revenue should:

  • Cut travel and conference spending 90%
  • Freeze wage increases and new hires (federal employees get far more the other employees)
  • Not issue new regulations and rulings (if it did not get things right after 70,000+ pages and 100 years, it never will).
  • Use caller ID
  • Limit time wasting client identity verification for tax professionals (we only work for clients whose identities we verify)
  • Stop repeatedly reading stupid messages about fax and mail procedures and security. I delivered mail while in college, so I know that the U.S. mail is the least secure way to communicate.

I contacted the Congress to get expanded web access as soon as possible. You can help yourself and your tax professional if you contact the Congress this fast easy way.


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