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Unlike the person who wrote Replace your CFO with this app, I am not seriously suggesting that you replace a part time CFO with this app. Amy Bergey does this very well for many of my clients. However, please look closely at what the app gives you, even if you have no CFO.

In fact, Amy and I can give to you far better automated reports and business metrics, from much more established companies, at a software cost of only about $20/month. Instead, I am sending you this so that you begin to realize one key point, if you did not already.

This app, and thousands of similar powerful apps, only work with web accounting programs. 

Going with Xero or QuickBooks Online is no longer the issue. The questions are now:

  • When will you retire your obsolete, costly QuickBooks desktop program?
  • When will you eliminate the mistakes in desktop programs?
  • When will your CPAs not have impossible year-end workloads?
  • When will you stop making you and your CPA MISERABLE?



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