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I am updating my QuickBooks vs. Peachtree, QuickBooks Add-ons post as QuickBooks vs Peachtree, Peachtree vs. QuickBooks, QuickBooks Add-ons for good comments.

QuickBooks Add-ons

David Chermak did a good QuickBooks vs. Peachtree (Peachtree vs. QuickBooks) review. I appreciate his effort, as he has more balanced recent expert QuickBooks vs. Peachtree (Peachtree vs. QuickBooks) experience than I do now. I also very much appreciate the follow-up Thinking Tech post by Bob Palmer, A QuickBooks Blog Entry, which refers to my initial version of this QuickBooks vs Peachtree, Peachtree vs. QuickBooks, QuickBooks Add-ons post, as well as his comments on my prior post here.

I used Peachtree almost exclusively for years, around 20+ years ago (long before QuickBooks) and wrote of QuickBooks vs. Peachtree (Peachtree vs QuickBooks) for many years before my QuickBooks vs. Peachtree (Peachtree vs. QuickBooks) web page. Only a few of us now know that an early Peachtree programmer once sold the source code. We removed his floppy drive letters for hard drive use.

Peachtree vs. QuickBooks

I occasionally still suggest Peachtree for low cost serialized inventory. However, there are good reasons QuickBooks now has an amazing 95% of the small business accounting program market. The Inside Intuit book tells of Intuit inventing the now industry-standard end-user program usability tests. Its founder watched many novices and experts use and misuse pre-release Quicken, while taking yellow pad notes, so his programmers could keep revising. Novices could install Quicken 1.0 and write a check in 10 or 15 minutes when experts needed an hour with competing programs. This quickly made market leader Peachtree and 45 competitors into niche products or killed them. Intuit was so dominant that Microsoft dropped Microsoft Money (leaving Quicken almost no competition) and later killed Microsoft Accounting. This may be the eighth time Microsoft unsuccessfully opposed Intuit (despite spending $2+ billion). If Intuit stops making it easy for programs like Peachtree to interface with TurboTax (and related professional tax programs), QuickBooks market share will go even higher (until antitrust regulators act).

Reasons for QuickBooks vs. Peachtree (Peachtree vs. QuickBooks) dominance relate to those who, unlike Chermak did not know accounting or computers before learning Peachtree. Intuit now has the fastest and easiest way to learn them, so it teaches more of us than all universities. Most now learn QuickBooks as they learn bookkeeping or accounting. We should require one of the first QuickBooks Learning Center videos for each business student and business person, not simply for new accountants and bookkeepers. This video should start all bookkeeping or accounting courses, as graduate accountants may not understand the basis of their field. This has long been my main diagnosis and prescription, though the prior comment said I had none.

Quicken or QuickBooks

The Chermak comment also said it was critical to understand the business processes software should support, so programs do what we need. That is only critical in rather big business decisions. Few QuickBooks users know or will learn about business processes. Few are professional accountants or managers, who understood accounting when they get Quicken or QuickBooks. Few need to know it, as Intuit always has the fastest, easiest, low-cost, full-featured accounting programs. It now delivers almost everything that almost everyone needs. The Palmer comments, plus the recent rereading of my well worn Inside Intuit book, made me recall more big reasons for QuickBooks vs. Peachtree dominance. Intuit did not expect about half of early Quicken home checkbook program users would-be businesses. It later found that business owners did not want an accounting program, as they hated accounting. They wanted simple ways to invoice customers, pay bills / write checks and keep/reconcile checking accounts. This knowledge lets QuickBooks use screens that look like common business forms, and a drop-dead-simple approach, to crush Peachtree and many others.

QuickBooks vs. Peachtree (Peachtree vs. QuickBooks) reviews omitting market share and QuickBooks add-ons do readers a disservice. Always mention that in reviews, as it shows the big majority results in far more extensive pre-release QuickBooks testing and abundant low-cost local staff and professional support for QuickBooks. It also relates to maximum savings in exchanging data with accountants, for taxes and financial statements. Such data exchanges are so much better for recent QuickBooks versions that this alone saves far more than QuickBooks costs, except for QuickBooks Enterprise. The differences in QuickBooks vs. Peachtree (Peachtree vs. QuickBooks) tech and web support also mirrors QB dominance. QuickBooks Wikis and tech-support-backed user-to-user help (which I helped create) won an international award.

QuickBooks add-ons blow away QuickBooks vs. Peachtree

QuickBooks add-ons blow away QuickBooks vs. Peachtree (Peachtree vs. QuickBooks) comparisons. For anything that QuickBooks does not do alone, QuickBooks add-ons are the fastest, easiest low-cost way to get far more powerful and feature-rich programs, for many more users than even the biggest company programs. These QuickBooks add-ons avoid many separate error-prone databases, with overlapping information, while drastically cutting related time and training. Peachtree was once a way ahead in this area. Its single-user open database version excites many of us. Then came a disastrous Sage acquisition. Sage justified its cost by saying, in SEC filed documents, that it would switch many Peachtree users to its higher-priced products. It soon dropped the near ready multi-user Peachtree database version. One developer sued over that since he had done so much in reliance on earlier statements. The biggest blow was Sage $10,000 price for Peachtree add-on listings, not $1,000, so NO developer paid. Today almost the only Peachtree add-ons are QuickBooks add-on ports.

By contrast, QuickBooks has a free Software Development Kit, for linking programs to it. There were 25,000 SDK downloads in a few days. In 7 years, no upgrade to the SDK or QuickBooks ever broke a working QuickBooks SDK add-on. A QuickBooks keyboard macro add-on failed due to a QB upgrade. It had started unemployment reports before QuickBooks did, so it effectively competed with QuickBooks when it failed. It also failed the week before Christmas, when Intuit is busy with QuickBooks and tax table upgrades, installs and bug fixes. Despite this, I asked the amazing Brad Smith, now Intuit CEO, to help. In two days, his team had a tentative fix for testing. Three days later QuickBooks distributed it to everyone. That approach is why there were soon thousands of QuickBooks add-ons at QuickBooks-add-ons.com. Six hundred of the best QuickBooks add-ons are tested, reviewed and rated at Marketplace.intuit.com.

Web cloud as Intuit Federated Applications

Intuit is now extending these QuickBooks add-ons to the web cloud as Intuit Federated Applications, which will run even without web connections. This will give any web developer the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to link any web application, using any web programming language and database, to QuickBooks, with one single login. Its related web database is already used by more than half of the top Fortune 100. A U.N. Committee says standard forms and electronic data interchange can save trillions of dollars a year. The fastest and easiest way for Peachtree and others to get thousands of needed add-ons will soon be to link to the Intuit cloud. Intuit will then help host and market them to four million QuickBooks businesses, with 25 million employees. It may soon add 25 million Quicken, TurboTax, Intuit bank program and other users to this.

QuickBooks multi-currency support can then create an international network of immense value.

At that point, the best way for Sage (Peachtree and others) to get add-ons users to want will be to link to the Intuit QuickBooks cloud, making QuickBooks vs. Peachtree (Peachtree vs. QuickBooks) comparisons meaningless.

 The big question now is, do you want to benefit from QuickBooks vs. Peachtree (Peachtree vs. QuickBooks) soon or much later?



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