QuickBooks Shortcuts?? OxyMORON?

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Some QuickBooks Shortcuts are an oxyMORON, involving terrible programming or marketing decisions. Wikipedia says an oxymoron is a figure of speech, which combines contradictory terms, like new classic and old news. I like giant shrimp and military intelligence.

These oxymoron QuickBooks shortcuts use very long file names for Windows menu shortcuts (??). I am talking about so-called QuickBooks shortcuts like:

QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2011

This should be something like QB2011 AE. Oxymoron QuickBooks shortcuts also use ridiculously long program names with program icons. This is especially moronic for the many using more than one version of QuickBooks, as oxymoron QuickBooks shortcuts do not let you see QuickBooks years in program names or icons. That makes you rename each QuickBooks shortcut TWICE, in the program menu and in the icon.

Intuit has had a well-deserved reputation for outstanding user interfaces, ever since Quicken 1.0. Therefore, having it make countless users continue to edit each program name twice, each year, on each of their computers, is a ridiculous waste of time. This especially applies to QuickBooks ProAdvisors, who often use many versions of QuickBooks, QuickBooks Enterprise, database server, web connect and file manager systems.

This is not the first time I complained about these QuickBooks shortcuts, though I did not call them an oxymoron before. I was one of many, on my 2002 QuickBooks Advisory Council, complaining about them. I also often complained about oxymoron QuickBooks shortcuts to top Intuit executives. Current and prior Intuit CEOs wrote this about me (but did not act on these QuickBooks time wasters):

You’re fantastic Mike. Absolutely fantastic!

Keep raising hell when Intuit does something wrong!

I would much rather talk about the many good QuickBooks shortcuts, on which I have long been a leading authority. Intuit still has my QuickBooks Shortcuts web page in its QuickBooks Community Library. However, it may take QuickBooks shortcuts more seriously once these domains help draw attention to its oxyMORON QuickBooks shortcuts:

(590 Google monthly searches, $7.35 CPC)

(210 Google monthly searches, $9.90 CPC)

(170 Google monthly searches, $7.61 CPC)

I will soon have many more QuickBooks shortcuts here.


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