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 There are many reasons why QuickBooks Terminal Server (QuickBooks under Windows Terminal Server or Citrix, also known as QuickBooks hosting or QB hosting) is the fastest, easiest, SAFEST & least expensive way to host your QuickBooks program and data. Note: we are talking about QuickBooks Terminal Server hosting (QuickBooks hosting or QB hosting) all of the desktop versions of QuickBooks (not simply QuickBooks Enterprise or QuickBooks online). We also can talk about why you may want to host many or all your other programs and data, besides QuickBooks, on the QuickBooks Terminal Server (QuickBooks hosting, QB hosting). A QuickBooks Terminal Server or QuickBooks Citrix system is especially good for hosting QuickBooks with QuickBooks add-ons.

  I often wrote about this at length, so I will link my QuickBooks Terminal Server articles (QuickBooks hosting or QB hosting):

Why QuickBooks Terminal Server – Executive Summary
(QuickBooks on Terminal Server, QuickBooks hosting or QB hosting)

Why QuickBooks Terminal Server?
(QuickBooks on Terminal Server, QuickBooks hosting or QB hosting)

The SAFEST PLACE FOR DATA: QuickBooks Terminal Server
(QuickBooks on Terminal Server, QuickBooks hosting or QB hosting)

QuickBooks Terminal Server and QuickBooks Add-ons
(QuickBooks on Terminal Server, QuickBooks hosting or QB hosting)

QuickBooks Terminal Server Prices
(QuickBooks on Terminal Server, QuickBooks hosting or QB hosting)

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