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Please do not waste your time and money with QuickBooks Phishing Emails. These QuickBooks Phishing Emails may appear to come from Intuit. They are often more realistic than the silly one below. Send suspicious QuickBooks Phishing Emails to SPOOF@Intuit.com.

When Brad Smith found he would soon be the next Intuit CEO, he called to ask that I use John Yarno as my primary Intuit point of contact. John rather quickly wrote:


Yes, it is a phishing email, please do nothing with it. If you run into something like this again, please feel free to forward the email in question to SPOOF@Intuit.com.

Thanks for the heads up Mike, have a great day.



—–Original Message—–

From: Mike Block CPA [mailto:mblock@blocktax.com]
Sent: Thursday, April 15, 2010 7:39 AM
To: Yarno, John
Subject: FW: Intuit Secure Update Notification

Hi John

Is this a phishing attempt?

“without ticks” ??

Michael Block CPA 954-903-7250
http://BlockTax.com/ http://www.QuickBooks-Blog.com/
http://QuickBooks-Add-ons.com/ Twit MikeBlockCPA

—–Original Message—–

From: Intuit Company [mailto:update@quick.intuit.com]

^QuickBooks Phishing Emails: address hides real address

Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2010 9:06 AM
To: Mike Block CPA
Subject: Intuit Secure Update Notification 

<http://www.intuit.com/sbweb/common/images/header/logo_bar/Logo-Intuit-Small-Business.gif> <http://www.intuit.com/sbweb/common/images/header/logo_bar/Logo-Intuit.gif>     

<http://oe.quickbooks.com/images/internal/spacer.gif>      <http://oe.quickbooks.com/images/internal/spacer.gif>      <http://oe.quickbooks.com/images/internal/spacer.gif>      <http://oe.quickbooks.com/images/internal/spacer.gif>     

^QuickBooks Phishing Emails: visible address of graphics        


Dear customer,

NOTE: Read this message up to the end. You will drop account access on Intuit website without ticks described below
^ QuickBooks Phishing Emails: Common chain letter warning.
^ QuickBooks Phishing Emails: No period at end of sentence.

Due to the increasing number of attempts to hack the accounts of clients [QuickBooks Phishing Emails we are users or customers to Intuit] doing everything to better the technology of our security system. Therefore you need to do these ticks to better the security of your PC.

[QuickBooks Phishing Emails: no comma after therefore.
TICKS, as in GET BUGS??] 

Please make all the ticks of this instruction:

1.    Download and install Intuit Secure Software, which protects your browser from viruses developed to steal data (usernames, passwords, etc.). [QuickBooks Phishing Emails: Intuit will never request this, as they can auto-download anything when you update QuickBooks or when they must do so.] Also it will grant additional security when working with a private room and your financial information. NOTE: Beginning with 19 of April 2010 you wont [QuickBooks Phishing Emails: I sure hope you WON’T (no apostrophe)] have an admission [QuickBooks Phishing Emails: This person clearly cannot speak American English] to the services of our company without an installed Intuit Secure Software.

2.    Redo your password on your private room at least once monthly.

3.    Install and upgrade your antivirus constantly. Do not share login and password from our service to others.

4.    Do not install widening to your browser from the unknown producers. [QuickBooks Phishing Emails: They do not even “speak computer.”]

System requirements :
[QuickBooks Phishing Emails: The space before: shows incompetence]

*    Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 2003, Seven

*    Mozilla FireFox 2.0 and above

*    Internet Explorer 6.x, 7.x, 8.x

ATTENTION: You will not be able to use our service without update from 19 of April 2010 [QuickBooks Phishing Emails: Repetition ^]

Download :

*    Digital Certificate generation tool for Quickbooks Users http://intuit-mirror9.com.

[QuickBooks Phishing Emails: REMOVED REST. ROOT NOT INTUIT.COM, Part of the removed part had my email address as a web address]

*    Digital Certificate generation tool for Intuit Merchant holders [REMOVED]

*    Digital Certificate generation tool for PayCycle customers [REMOVED]

*    Digital Certificate generation tool for Quicken users [REMOVED]

Regards, Intuit Secure Team, Sorry for the inconveniences.

[QuickBooks Phishing Emails: You will never see a signature like this from Intuit]


[QuickBooks Phishing Emails: One more link that should be hidden.]




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[QuickBooks Phishing Emails: ^ Email spam evading text has nothing to do with the message.]

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