QuickBooks Payroll Server Crash – Accountant Edition – Accountant Copy

We may have had only one QuickBooks Payroll Server Crash between January and April. However, this QuickBooks payroll server crash exposed a ridiculously fault-INtolerant design in the Accountant Edition – master payroll that QuickBooks ProAdvisors use with their Accountant Edition p- Accountant programs for clients tax returns.

QuickBooks Payroll Server Crash

Under this system, ProAdvisors can use their copy of QuickBooks to process tax forms for 50 clients. However, a QuickBooks payroll server crash makes us lose our master QuickBooks Accountant Edition payroll service key. A QuickBooks payroll server crash gives us a message that our payroll subscription expired, so we must call Intuit to reset our Accountant Edition payroll service key. It also kills the active payroll service key in all related client files. Of course, a QuickBooks Payroll Server Crash should not kill our Accountant Edition payroll server crash unless it persists.

The effect of the QuickBooks Payroll Server Crash on client Accountant Copy files, which we use with Accountant Edition to produce payroll tax returns is especially outrageous. Accountant Edition normally can use an Accountant Copy to produce client payroll tax returns. It cannot let you enter any payroll entries, but it can let you produce these returns. However, once you have a QuickBooks Payroll Server Crash you are dead. The ridiculously fault-INtollerant design of the payroll server and Accountant Copy will not let you even ENTER (Add) or refresh the correct payroll service key in Accountant Copy files once you lose it in your Accountant Edition file.

QuickBooks Accountant Edition

The fix exposes a tragic lack of knowledge and responsiveness by QuickBooks Accountant Edition – Accountant Copy programmers. You must first convert all of your new Accountant Copy files to a regular QuickBooks QBW file. Only then can you update each client QuickBooks file with its corresponding payroll service key. After you do this, you can run the tax returns. Then you better hope that you kept a copy of the Accountant Copy before updating so you can do any additional Accountant Copy work with your QuickBooks Accountant Edition.

This is QuickBooks Payroll Server Crash apparently caused so many problems that ProAdvisor payroll support now offers to send you a list of all payroll service keys under your Accountant Edition – Accountant copy subscription. They previously objected to such requests.



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